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Here again ! ...

Verso la seconda edizione del VMC - Second edition of VMC approaching
Posted by Lupin on 2014/8/16 21:20:00 (4439 reads)
Un gruppo di coraggiosi amanti della vela virtuale riprova a rinnovare i fasti della prima edizione, con la stessa volontà, lo stesso entusiasmo e , lasciatecelo dire, la stessa esperienza di sempre. La prima edizione era già pressochè perfetta, ma gli organizzatori sperano di poter presentare dei miglioramenti che potrebbero rendere VMC ancora più affascinante. Qui di seguito le linee principali del progetto.

A group of brave and enthusiasts virtual sailors try again to renew the glories of the first edition, with the same determination, the same enthusiasm and let us say, the usual experience. The first edition was already almost perfect, but the organizers are hoping to be able to introduce some improvements that could make VMC even more fascinating. Here are the main lines of the project.

The highlights of this edition do not move much from those of the first one, and everything is described in the N.o.R. and in S.I. that you can reach from the event menu.
The numbers are:
10 qualifying races (with the two worst results discarded), four races in the semifinal phase, four races in the final phase, two races per night for each round; Each group can have a maximum of 18 skippers.

But we would like to focus on some of "procedural" aspects characterizing this edition:
-Score halved at the end of the qualification phase.
this to mantain a minimum benefit for those who have achieved a strong performance in the first part of the event, but also to give some chance of rank improvement for players not located in the top positions.
-Why site registration and registration for the event?
Trying to be optimistic, we have built the site that should be the support structure of ALL events VMC. Story, forums, downloads, news, all in the same structure. Consequently there will be an enrollment to the sporting event, but will be enough (for registered users) a simple click in a simple form where will be equally important to provide the eventual willingness to host.
- Presence in the race confirmation -
A simple click to run before the race to ensure a fair distribution of players in groups. A script will distribute in groups ONLY players who have confirmed the own presence, calculating the optimal number of groups to create significant races and also taking into account the classification level of each participant with the method of "seeding".
An example: if from the number of confirmed skipperswe can estimate that 5 rounds will be created, the first 5 of the current standings will be considered "seeded", then will be considered the next 5 of the standings and distributed in those 5 groups and so on .. . ABSOLUTELY each distribution will be automatically randomized by the script.
For obvious reasons, hosts remain out of this programming.

We trust, with these innovations, to make this fantastic event ( open to all skippers in the world ) more enjoyable and fun.