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Just popping in
Just popping in

Caro utente, i tuoi dati personali sono stati eliminati dal tuo account che risulta così anominizzato.
Dobbiamo necessariamente, ai fini della classifica generale, lasciare il tuo nick nel ranking perché quello è un database storico che, componendosi regata per regata, se cancellassimo l'intero tuo account i calcoli del ranking verrebbero stravolti.
Ci adopereremo per capire se è tecnicamente fattibile il sostituire manualmente il tuo nickname con altro nome senza stravolgere i calcoli, pur tenendo in conto che essendo gare "ufficiali" disputate all'interno di una comunità, la presenza del solo nickname, senza riferimenti a dati personali non inficia i diritti di privacy della tua persona.
Gli amministratori.

Dear user,
your personal data has been deleted and your account is now anonymous.
Since the rankig is built using all the matches done in the past, included yours, if we should delete your account, the ranking will be completely changed.
However, since the results are based only using your nickname, no personal data is exposed.
We will search the way, if possible, to change manually the nickname with an anonimized nick.
The administrators

Posted on: 2020/5/4 2:26

Since this website is owned, top-down, undemocratic, and not collegial;
since every time I propose changes in favor of collegiality I receive insults, moral blackmail, and non-aseptic answers; since tournament rules are changed even when tournaments are already in progress;
I ask for my cancellation from the list of members and the cancellation of the history of my regattas and ranking


Re: Appointments Spittillo vs Sailgood
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I confirm.


Posted on: 2019/6/14 7:10

Re: Appointments Spittillo vs Sailgood
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

As agreed by telephone with the opponent, the start of the final will be on 14/06 at 21.30 italian time.


Come concordato tramite telefono con l'avversario, l'inizio della finale sarà giorno 14/06 alle ore 21.30 ora italiana.


Posted on: 2019/6/14 0:32

Re: Appointments Kent38 vs Sailgood
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

No match played.
Walkover from Kent38 for non availability.(see RC communications)
Topic locked

Posted on: 2019/6/12 16:46

Re: Appointments Spittillo vs LG'07
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

All matches played
Topic locked

Posted on: 2019/6/12 16:43

Appointments Spittillo vs Sailgood
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Appointments Spittillo vs Sailgood
Best of 9 matches
Start 12th June 2019 – End 22th June 2019

Posted on: 2019/6/12 16:38

Re: Request of walkover
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hello Quentin,
we are really sorry to hear that it is a problem for you to be able to play the races of this semi-final.
Thank you for you congratulations, but we want to congratulate with you for all the races you played here, hoping to have you again as one of the top skippers that will contend the final victory in the next tournament we will organize.
Good wind for this busy period.

Posted on: 2019/6/11 18:11

Re: Request of walkover
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hi RC,

I am sorry to inform that I have to withdraw from VMRT 2019. Life is extremely busy at the moment + the complex avaibilities of sailgood, it does not allow me to sail the semis.

I apology to the RC for not sailing the semis.

Thank you to the RC for a great tournament and organisation.

@ Sailgood: I am sure a walkover satisfies you well :)

Good Winds

Posted on: 2019/6/11 16:03

Request of walkover
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Dear RC,

for S.I. 6.1

"...the skipper who has demonstrated more availability will obtain the victory for Walkover in the judgment of the RC."

I could wait for tomorrow's time limit, but, I no longer want to wait for an opponent's answer, i consider it a lack of respect for the opponent.
moreover, I don't think it is correct to force the opponent to make 7 matches in a single evening, after we had more than 2 weeks to do them.
With regret (I would have preferred to win in the water) I ask for the walkover.


Posted on: 2019/6/11 0:21

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