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Virtual world Match Race Tour ( VwMRT ) is a permanent ranking , based on a formula that is the result of several technical and sport experiences ; a tool available to everybody in order to measure their skills with respect to virtual skippers around the world. We would like to consider it as a reference point for a variety of virtual sporting activities.

The organizers hope the activities that will be created around this ranking act as a catalyst for all virtual skippers in order to re-establish a movement in which fair play and fun at last become the main target. The choice of the various committees members and contributors will be oriented to ensure the maximum reliability and fairness : the Protests Committee will work in complete autonomy from the Race Committee and the technical structures, with their ...



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Trinagolari offi estivi - Summer triangular minievents.

Per mantenersi in forma
Posted by Drao on 2014/8/11 18:30:00 (1021 reads)
Virtual Sailing news
Agosto, tempo di vacanza.
Ma, in epoca di crisi, non tutti possono gustarsi un mese balneare.
Per chi resta a casa, VwMRT mette in pista dei minitornei lampo, di una sera.
In genere verso la mezzanotte, approfittando dei minori impegni lavorativi, ma chiunque puó aprirli a qualsiasi ora del giorno.
Qui di seguito spieghiamo il meccanismo :

August vacation time.
But, in crisis time, not everyone can enjoy a seaside holyday month.
For people who remain at home, VwMRT proposes "flash mini-tournaments", all in one night.
Usually those can be launched around midnight, taking advantage of less job commitments, but anyone can open them at any hour of the day.
Below we explain the mechanism:

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Si fanno 3 regate in tutto,ogni skipper gioca 2 incontri, contro gli altri 2 avversari.
Opzionale la giuria in acqua, puó farla lo skipper che non sta giocando, o un giocatore esperto presente, a patto che tutti i contendenti siano d'accordo.
Diversamente si puó usare il normale form proteste.
Finora ne son stati svolti 3, Elunda Sailgood Drao ; Yago Geronimo Popitai e Popitai Elunda Drao.
Tutte le gare devono essere segnate per il ranking.
Forza campioni, non c'é miglior allenamento estivo che qualche torneino offi come questo.
Buon vento.

It Must be run a total of 3 races, each skipper will play 2 matches against the other two opponents.
Optional jury "on water", this can be done by the skipper who is not playing, or by an experienced player, this as long as all contenders are in agreement.
Otherwise you can use the normal protests form.
Until now have been carried out 3 mini tournaments, Elunda-Sailgood-Drao, Yago-Geronimo-Popitai and Popitai-Elunda-Drao.
All races must be marked for the ranking.
Come on, champions, there is no better summer training that some mini official tournament like this.
Good wind.
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