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Sail to be free !
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Viartual world Match Race Tour ( VwMRT ) is a permanent ranking , based on a formula that is the result of several technical and sport experiences ; a tool available to everybody in order to measure their skills with respect to virtual skippers around the world. We would like to consider it as a reference point for a variety of virtual sporting activities.

The organizers hope the activities that will be created around this ranking act as a catalyst for all virtual skippers in order to re-establish a movement in which fair play and fun at last become the main target. The choice of the various committees members and contributors will be oriented to ensure the maximum reliability and fairness : the Protests Committee will work in complete autonomy from the Race Committee and the technical structures, with their automatic procedures, will ensure a very low "human" intervention "human."

But not only : organizers hope VwMRT will become the "glue", the data concentrator of all the MR events that will be realized by adopting ISAF Rules and adopting Sailing Instructions compatible with those published here. It will be very interesting and fun to attend events with their own original format , but it will be very convenient that the rules do not change from one to another. It will be a pleasure for the VwMRT organizers, advertise and recommend such events.

The VWMRT is substantially composed of three essential components :

1) Database
2)Sailing Instructions & Procedures
3) Forum & auxiliary services

1) Database is the "engine" of VwMRT. Structured to be an open architecture, this could be expanded and modified if the community will recognize a real convenience. As written above, the management of the database has been designed to minimize the work of the organizers themselves; obviously in the documentation section you will find a guide on the user interface, but there will also be some tooltips on buttons that will give a short and fast guidance about operation.
The score calculation is made on the basis of a formula built on real sports experience and adapted to the needs of our virtual sailing activities. The database is "historicized" and at any time we can go back to all the data and also modify them, if necessary, without severely disrupting everything previously acquired.
Each user intervention is a bit oversimplified but for any problem you can refer to the Staff of the VwMRT, via email or Forum

2) VwMRT Sailing Instructions the rules are the result of over 15 years of virtual sailing championships and tournaments, during which were refined all procedures for adapting RSS-ISAF to the needs of our regatta simulators. The presence in our working groups of real Federal Umpires and of the best real and virtual skippers, ensures that our SI are a mature and professional product, able to guarantee a good level of fun and able to respond to the increasing demand of fidelity to reality, sought by the users.
In any case, we have to consider the S.I. a "work in progress" responsive to possible (expected) evolution of simulators, both on user feedback.

3) Forum and auxiliary services , are the the meeting place of the virtual skippers ... here you take agreements for racing, here you will compare each other in debriefing, here you will read the judgments of the committees, here (especially) you will know everybody and you will let everybody know you ... this is the reason because the VwMRT Staff will not accept any attitude out of good manners and proper contradictory : staff, at its sole discretion, will admonish and in severe cases to expel from the site (and ranking) who shall alter this simple and basic rule of a quiet live.

In case of punitive cancellation or cancellation request, all personal data will be deleted from the account, but the name of the boat and the nickname of the account will remain in the historical database. We have to remind everyone that VwMRT is a PRIVATE organization even if public handled; the whole sport activity is governed by the VwMRT Sailing Instructions that you can find in the "Documentation" section. S.I. must be completely read and those are considered accepted by submission of this registering form.
Unless special arrangements to be published in the appropriate spaces and in due time, it is left to each individual management of each sporting event, the burden of judging the participants for their behavior during the races in that specific event

VwMRT Staff and Committees can not be called upon to judge events in regattas NOT EXPRESSLY STATED IN RANKING AND NOT REGISTERED IN VwMRT DATABASE. Every race, also free, released between two VwMRT ranking members is entitled to be registered in ranking DataBase ; to avoid unpleasant misunderstanding or misrepresentations, we suggest to take a screenshot of different pre-race agreements.


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