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Official race maps full pack
(updated April 26)

Official FTL2018 ACC skin (Red)
Official FTL2018 ACC skin (Blue)


a & associated release
Round Robin - Ranking
Round Robin - Flight 1
Round Robin - Flight 2
Round Robin - Flight 3
Round Robin - Flight 4
Round Robin - Flight 5

Semi Final


2018 May 28

FINALS Tables has been created and linked.

2018 May 20

SEMIFINALS Tables has been created and linked.

2018 April 26

FTL2018 Round Robin Tables has been created and linked.

Official FTL2018 Maps Pack has been updated and is now available for download.

2018 April 23

S.I. Change : RULE 6.2

(a) Advice signal, that corresponds to the launch of the race in simulation, is set at 3 (three) minutes before starting signal.
(b) Preparatory signal is done 3 (three) minutes before starting signal.

Committees Members

Race Committee:
Skyppyno (I-Team)
Drao (Team Italia)

Protests Committee :
President: Sailgood (Team Italia)
Vice-President: Jiel (Team UNT)
Ord. Member: Fix Oder Nix (Team RRT)
Alt. Member: Albervita rst (Team Wolves*RST)

2018 April 16

Official FTL2018 Red & Blue skin available in download
also Team Wolves*Rst joined the event.

2018 April 14

Official race maps full pack available in download.
and MEDIATIONS Forums, have been created.

2018 April 12

Sailing Instructions ( english version ) available in download. also Committees Communications Forum was created.

2018 April 03

J316 Team and I-Team joined the event and complete the minumum number of teams to confirm the event.

2018 April 01

Cybersea Team joined the event

2018 March 31

also Lupidimare Team, SSR Team and RRT Team joined the event

2018 March 26

Team Italia joined the event

2018 March 25

UNT team joined the event

2018 March 21

N.o.R. available - Link on "Docs & Links"



TeamLeague Teams
UNT (United nACCions Team)
Captain Name ( JieL-unt)
Crew Name ( Colibri-unt)
Team Italia
Captain Name ( sailgood )
Crew Name ( Drao )
Crew Name (DRN MLT )
Team Lupidimare
Captain Name (Camster)
Crew Names (Cocal)
Crew Names (Orione)
Crew Names (Tiki)
SSR (Shuraz SoVa Russia) team
Captain Name (Shuraz-SSR)
Crew Names (SoVa-SSR)
RAR team
Captain Name (Queen Ronja)
Crew Names (Venhobel)
Crew Names (Fix oder nix)
©ybe®se@ Team
Captain name (J¤sen®ique)
Crew name (Pájaro)
Crew name: (PpV)
(J316 Team ?)
Captain Name (J316)
Crew Name (Raouf)
Captain Name (Skyppyno - SKY)
Crew name ( Obelix - OBE )
Crew name ( Paolofico - PAO )
Captain Name (Albervita rst- ALB)
Crew name ( Donmasino rst- DON )
Crew name ( Salento rst- SAL)
Crew name ( Nick-Cromit Vsk*Rst )
Captain Name (Jammin TR-JD )
Crew name (Kent TR-K )
Crew name ( Carly Master TR-CM )
Crew name (Zez TR-Z )