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Re: UNT vs Wolves Flight 3

Subject: Re: UNT vs Wolves Flight 3
by JieL-unt on 2018/5/24 14:08:13

After watching the replay, here our point :

10.45 Jiel starboard, Donmasi kept clear, Nick and Coli are at port tack and Coli leeward of Nick. So Nick is submitted to R11 and must keep clear from Coli because Coli submitted to rule 18 has given all the room to Nick to round the mark.

10.50 Nick and Coli raised their sail 2.

10.54 Coli ducked Jiel in luffing a little when Nick beared a little to hit Coli ...

IMO : Clear rule 11 breache. Coli protested (screenshot here :