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Re: UNT vs Wolves Flight 4

Subject: Re: UNT vs Wolves Flight 4
by JieL-unt on 2018/5/24 14:52:06

4.13 : I agree the 18.3 is wrong. Alberto asked a cancellation which was given.

7.12 : Alberto at port tack, Coli at starboard, so Alberto submitted to rule 10 might keep clear and round the mark. But Alberto didnt keep clear and on the contrary "pushed" Coli out of the zone and pushed Coli to tack on port tack. I think Coli chatted "P Alberto". IMO clear rule 10 breache from Alberto.

7.25 Coli broke rule 11 OR Alberto broke 16.1 because he changed course abruptly and Coli couldnt keep clear.

Anyway, nobody did 360. IMO : compensation.